Impatient Foodie

Delicious food for impatient people.

Impatient Foodie hired us to build an blog that captures more email addresses and feels more modern.

We built a full width custom wordpress post header and embedded forms in popups, blog posts, and the footer, growing the subscriber list by 34% in 2 months.


  • Website
  • Mailchimp Email Forms
  • SEO


  • Web Design
  • UX Design
  • Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Web Development

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The Challenge: Low Email Newsletter Subscribe Rate + Identity Refresh

  • The blog post layout wasn't full width & modern.
  • Their photography wasn't being spotlighted enough.
  • The team needed a fresh rebranding that fit their style, but was completely original.
  • Readers weren't aware that there was a newsletter.
  • Their new newsletter subscriber rate was dropping daily.

The Solution: Custom Newsletter Signups + Header Redesign

  • Full width image header for blog posts that feels modern and spotlights their photography.
  • Custom header with hand-drawn icons, a social media share section for more exposure, and a large subscribe button to get more people on their newsletter list.
  • Pop-up with compelling photography & text that has grown the email subscriber list by 34% in 2 months.
  • Newsletter signup form at the footer of every blog post.

Header Redesign with Hand-Drawn Icons, Social Media Share Buttons, and Newsletter Signup

The icons were hand drawn on our Wacom tablet, and were modeled off of the brand's original icons, and inspired by french café's. The social media share buttons were moved to a spot beneath the logo in order to encourage more shares. We have seen a 12% increase in social shares. The newsletter signup button has been part of the 34% growth in newsletter subscribers that we have seen since our design update.

Impatient Foodie Header Resdesign - Healthy Website Design by MKOB Design

Wordpress Post Layout Redesign with Full Width Image

In order to showcase the photography, and create a more modern aesthetic, we made the featured image for the post precede the text, in a wide-format header. This image is also automatically included in social media posts if the link is shared.

Wordpress Post Redesign for Impatient Foodie - Healthy Website Design by MKOB Design

Food-Photography-Centric Pop-up to get Newsletter Subscribers

We went through four A/B tests before finding the winning pop-up. We tested different copy and different images until arriving at this iteration, which gave us the highest subscribe rate at 31%. The security icon and jargon increased the subscribe rate by 3%– this is due to reader's growing knowledge and fear of spam, whether by us or a third-party that we can give their email addresses to. We are assuring them that we won't mess around and sell their information, or blast nonsense clickbait or scams at them.

Impatient Foodie Email Newsletter Popup

Newsletter Signup Form Beneath All Blog Posts.

After three A/B tests with different background colors, text sizes, and copy, we found our best setup, which gave us the highest subscribe rate at 9%. The reason that this is a great newsletter signup location is because the reader just got through the whole article, which is a rare thing. Since the reader got this far they probably A) loved the article and found it useful enough to complete (and therefore yearning for more content from us), or B) feel fondly enough about the brand to give the article it's full attention despite it's content. Either way, this rare-reader is super qualified to be a newsletter subscriber if they aren't already, so showing this form here just makes sense.

Impatient Foodie Email Newsletter Signup Form
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